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As beautiful as a Picasso painting – the M at middle rd

the m at middle road

The M is as beautiful as a Picasso painting, a marvelous residential and commercial development located in district 7. The imposing structure lies in between Liang Seah and Middle Road, constructed by local developer Wingcharm Investment – Wing Tai Holdings Ltd. It is an absolutely amazing addition to the bugis area of Singapore.

It lies in the middle of Bugis district, where you’re offered a staggering panoramic view and the exciting atmosphere from bustling commercial activities. It is within a monumental spot in district 7 where Bugis Junction is almost at the footstep of your residence. The M covers approximately 7,462 square meter area and comprises a part 20 and part 6-storey residential block.

This article will provide you with more details around this ravishing residential spot.

A remarkable structure of the M

When you looked at the structure of the M, it would look like heaven is on earth. The M condo is a masterpiece of a modern architectural marvel having intrinsic value. An internationally commended award-winning firm has been tasked to design this project. It consists of different astounding layout that craft every home to perfection. The building has such unique characteristics with high potential as a luxury development.

It offers you a sensational lifestyle. If you want a princely routine, the M provides you. It has positioned itself in the dominating place of the city and contains some high-rise commercial buildings around the stunning tower. This monumental building will become an iconic landmark in the Bugis district soon.

Location – a valued factor for the M

There are numerous factors that grants the M to be one of the masterpieces, and location is one of the major factors among all. It sits in the central region of Singapore and between the two most remarkable roads are Middle Road and Liang Seah Street.

It is under the Downtown Core planning area, opposite to InterContinental Singapore and with both National Library Building and Bugis Junction in the adjacency.

There are numerous low-rise shophouses bordered with the renowned Liang Seah Street. Together with other strong commercial establishments including the Chan Brothers Building and Bugis Cube.

As it is situated amid the city and has relatively unblocked views around it, you will be able to soak into the spectacular view of low-profiled commercial development in the surrounding vicinity. On top of having train station almost at your footstep as Bugis MRT is approximately 3 minutes’ walk distance from this residence.

Do you want to view this remarkable spot? You can register yourself by showing your interest. A dedicated team of the M will make arrangements and assist you in the entire process. Words can’t depict the arresting location of the M. Not until you’ve seen it as we have described.

What converts the M

What makes a development an ideal residence? There are several deciding factors that will convert into a buying moment such as the architecture, location, and the environment. The display of The M’s iconic structure and location itself is without any doubt to onlookers anymore.

Here are some other important factors for being a phenomenal neighborhood:

  • Traveling in the M: If you don’t like driving by yourself, you will definitely like the M condo. It is because of Bugis MRT, a mere 3 minutes’ walk distance. Moreover, there will be other extensive public transport options to choose from right here at your doorstep.


  • The best view: The M Condo presents an amazing opportunity for the urbanites by providing exciting and fresh living space at an affordable price. As a city dweller, you will oversee the bustling commercial activities all around the bugis vicinity. With low-rise building that offers an unblocked view to you, you will also get to feel the hustle and bustle around your residency due to nearby multiple tourist attractions.


  • Convenient Lifestyle: You can find almost everything around your neighborhood. In the vicinity, you’re already within the Bugis shopping district. Both Orchard Road and Downtown Core will also provide you with an endless convenient option. It facilitates you with many different entertainment options in addition to your social lifestyle. It could be the best venue for you and your family.


Why the M?

If you compare the M with other commercial or residential buildings, you will clearly be able to differentiate the dominancy of the M over others.

First and foremost, it contains world-class architecture that was deemed to be a landmark development. It has intrinsic architectural values designed by an internationally awarded winning firm.

  • It has the finest strategic location because it lies in the heart of the prime Bugis city district 7.
  • You will have some million-dollar view just by sitting within your residence.
  • Many residential developments in the city are not in proximity to major transport hub. However, the M condo is only a mere 3 minutes’ walk distance to Bugis mrt station.
  • It is surrounded by many different tourist attractions; you can wake up to the city while walking into the rich heritage.
  • International cuisines and local delicacies are within such an easy reach for residents.
  • This stunning condo units will be priced at an attractive and reasonable rate for buyers.

Breakdown of EL development’s latest project: Pullman Residences

Breakdown of EL development’s latest project

Pullman Residences is a graceful and ravishing residential collection located at 18 Dunearn Road. It is situated in local Prime District 11 and developed by EL Development Pte Ltd. It is adjacent to the renowned Scotts Road and Grand Hyatt Singapore lies just within 3 minutes of car travel. Newton MRT railway station is almost at the doorstep of your residence too.

You will enjoy the panoramic view of the vicinity because the immediate neighborhood comprises of mainly low-lying buildings. This residential development covers almost 96,000 sq. ft. area and there are only 340 units in this estate with 1 to 4-bedroom layout distribution.

This article explains in detail of the different aspects regarding Pullman Residences:

Location and Surrounding of Pullman Residences

There are numerous reasons that make it a phenomenal masterpiece of EL Development Pte Ltd such as its alluring design, best strategic location and prepossessing neighborhood. This architecture has an exceptionally good design with elegant frontage. Its vicinity is primarily surrounded by different types of low and high-rise buildings, providing residents with a spectacular panoramic view from their home.

Moreover, location plays a significant role to choose the most suitable residence if you are away from your home. This stunning architecture is in the heart of a metropolis so you can have everything in your neighborhood at any time of the day. A prestigious locale that is barely meters away from the Newton MRT, and with numerous stupendous shopping malls near this ravishing spot.

Here are some important factors that increase the value of its strategic location:

Food: When we talk about food, you can have different varieties of both local and international as well. There are many matchless 5-star hotels near this exquisite place. It provides a fabulous lifestyle and being one of the most ideal venue for your family.

Traveling: If you are a non-driving resident, you will certainly like the great connectivity of an extensive rail network offered by Newton MRT Station. You will find the wide rail network just a short walk distance. It is a remarkable underground station that facilitates you to travel between the Downtown line and North-South line easily.

Different Learning Institutes in Vicinity: It is the most appropriate place if you have a young family, there are numerous established and first-class schools within 1 km radius, such as Anglo-Chinese School for juniors, Primary Anglo-Chinese School, Etonhouse Pre-School Newton, Saint Joseph Institute and LASALLE College of the Arts (Winstedt Campus).

A Coveted Place with Convenient Lifestyle: Pullman Residences stand beside the most bustling intersection of Orchard Road with some eye-catching lush greenery boulevards. Newton MRT Station is just a few steps away so traveling is no problem there. You will find almost everything in a 1 km radius. Such as the most arresting galleries, the finest museums and theatres of Singapore. Furthermore, numerous astounding landmarks encapsulate this amazing locale.

Why Choose Pullman Residences?

Pullman Residences have a more dominant position among other residential buildings in the vicinity. Here are some most remarkable factors that made it one of the finest choices here:

  • It is the most astounding addition in the world-class architecture that offers a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Its strategic location makes it one of the finest choices for families because it lies in the heart of the metropolis, a branded residence in prime district 11.
  • You can have many different international schools within a 1 km range such as Anglo-Chinese School and Etonhouse International Pre-School.
  • There are many major shopping malls around where you can shop till you drop.
  • Vicinity of this locale offers some spicy and delicious local and international food.
  • There is no issue of traveling because Newton MRT Station is just a short walk distance away. You can utilize this underground station to travel the Downtown MRT line and North to South without any inconvenience.
  • The neighborhood provides you more than several ways of entertainment. You can visit amazing art galleries, museums and theatres. Additionally, there are plentiful landmarks in proximity that are worth repeated visits.

It offers a premium collection of stylish bedrooms between 1 to 4. All units for sale are available at a reasonable price tag for easy consumption.

Checklist for selecting luxurious riviere condo for yourself


When it comes to acquiring a residential property for yourself, you simply cannot proceed and purchase it without any proper research. It is especially true when there are so many recent cases of buyer remorse with no proper planning, you could get yourself into some serious trouble and probably end up with a property that is not suited for your entire family.

The journey of purchasing a private condo will probably be one’s lifetime investment for most families and thus everyone hopes to go for the “perfect one” at the end of the day. It is perfectly understandable when recent news of the Riviere broke into the social media scene, especially so when it is a luxurious condo by the edge of Singapore River. Let me tell you this, you won’t go wrong since the rare land acquisition was completed by Frasers Property Singapore, an internationally-renowned property developer who is taking over the former monument of World Top Ranking Zouk Club at Jiak Kim Street.

Frasers Property Singapore will be undertaking the development of this new launch Riviere condo that comprises not only residential dwellings but also luxurious serviced apartments with commercial components as well.

Checklist for the luxurious apartment

If you’re about to purchase an apartment in Riviere or any other condo developments, it will be a good practice for you to check them out and fill in the details about what you need etc.

  • Do you know how many bedrooms you require? In this condo, there are options for 1, 2, 3 and four-bedroom apartments. Which type meets your requirement?
  • Are the bedrooms and other available rooms in the condo unit luxurious and spacious? Will they provide comfort to you and your family when you live there?
  • What is the quality of the building materials? For this luxurious residential project, will Frasers Property appoint a reliable main contractor so that they will be using high quality materials during the construction?
  • Are there recreational facilities available in the development? Will residents get a swimming/lap pool, indoor/outdoor gymnasium out there? Are there any special amenities that the developer will be providing you and your family?
  • Are the apartments/development spacious, not only from the inside but also the exterior? Is the space between the blocks narrow for air circulation?
  • What are the sizes of the windows? Tinted/Double-glazed? Will they be allowing enough sunlight and quality air to enter your home every day?
  • What are the types of fittings that are applied on the blocks and the condo units? Frasers Property are well known for integrating energy savings devices everywhere. Are they following the same here?

Make your decision after proper judgement

When you visit the official website of Riviere condo, you will get your answers to many of your doubts. You will be able to learn more about the project details or contact them for more clarifications. Before you make your final booking after viewing the show flat, make sure that you are satisfied with every detail and it is something that you are looking for.

The launching of the iveria condo by macly group

The Iveria

The Macly Group real estate firm responsible for developing the former Riviera point at Kim Yam has made a stunning and magnificent addition to the land site available along River Valley Road. The actual site is adjacent to many other prime properties that have seen recent new developments such as Starlight Suites, Martin Modern, Lloyd Sixty-Five, The Rise @ Oxley, 8 St Thomas, RV Altitude and Riviere.

Due to the swanky developments in this posh area and the adjoining ones, seasoned property investors are taking the local real estate market in Singapore by storm as each of them tries to bag the most irresistible deal for themselves. The close proximity to both city centre and other tourist destinations such as Orchard Road makes it a highly sought-after residential area for both home seekers and tenants alike.

What is nearby The Iveria?

There is countless entertainment option for you to indulge in the vicinity, with round the clock recreational activities as well as a myriad of international food and beverages outlet.

The Iveria condo residents will have a wide selection of amenities to choose from, including the accessibility of Great World MRT Station to Somerset MRT Station. Hopping onto the various transportation or by foot in exploring the town for mouth-watering local meals situated along River Valley, Killiney Road, Mohd Sultan, Robertson Quay to Orchard road. Everything is just around the corner for you as a resident!

Recreational activities

Due to the close proximity between the City Centre and River Valley district, there will be ample recreational facilities that can be conveniently and easily accessed by foot. There is a whole stretch of glitzy shopping malls lining up as you head into Orchard road shopping haven. The grand shopping malls have everything you could ever need all under one roof. While residing in the city seems facing a concrete jungle, there are actually many outdoor activities that one can engage in the various park within the vicinity such as the Fort Canning Park, Pearl’s Hill City Park and Singapore Botanic Garden.

Educational institutions

The recreational facilities are essential in a residential area but what is even more significant could be the availability of learning institutions for many parents with school-going kids. In a highly competitive society like ours, high educational levels will equate to the quality of life that the future residents of an area will have and The Iveria is within close proximity to institutions such as River Valley Primary School, Alexandra Primary School, Gan Eng Seng Secondary School, School of the Arts (SOTA) and several other International Schools.

A high-end quality housing in a prime district locale – Haus on handy by CDL

by cdl

Most of the small and tight knitted families in Singapore aspire to own a home with modern facilities to ensure higher comfort levels for their kids and possibly grandchildren. With the housing rental market being depressed year after year while still holding out at a high range level, many prefer to live in private residential development that offers the latest facilities on site. Haus on Handy by City Developments Limited aims to achieve just that and probably more with their handy road site. It is a forward luxurious condo project currently undergoing construction, promising new residents with few excellent features within the entire site. It is highly recommended for those looking for high-quality housing in a prime locale such as Orchard Road.

Why Haus on Handy?

Having the option to reside in a perfect abode is the dream and objective of most sophisticated citizens and obviously, by knowing the options available in the targeted vicinity before ploughing all their money on it is crucial. Haus on Handy at Handy Road provides one of the best opportunities for families who want to enjoy their life in an ultra-hip and high-life environment. Furthermore, it has an excellent connectivity to other popular places with the major railway station operating just across the minor street in less than 50 meters away. The housing project will host 188 luxurious apartment units with basement car parking facilities. Those who wanted to redefine luxury and with the means to do so can pick a unit up from the developer very soon.

haus on handy by cdl

While it is really a difficult piece of work to be done in finding some high-quality housing accommodation in Singapore and at a reasonable price range level, Haus on Handy by CDL will be the answer to it. Centrally located at Dhoby Ghaut, the western part of the entire Orchard Road stretch offers a unique proposition to property investors, granting them the lifetime chance of obtaining this valuable asset in prime district 9. In fact, this area is one of the most sought-after location in orchard road precinct that is gaining traction over the recent years. Moreover, this new project allows investors to select an apartment unit when they submit their cheques with full documentations in advance.

Home buyers who want to know more about the floor plans, site plan, pricing and other nitty-gritty details can send their queries on their official platform via a contact form that can be filled out easily in less than 1 minute. This new project makes feasible ways of experiencing our world-class accommodation in a luxurious setting. It is also an excellent choice for the first-time home buyers, allowing them to maintain their quality of life in the city too! In addition, the development will come with a very unique architectural style that can ultimately create impact on their facades. Having said that, those who are keen and are willing to book an apartment unit in advance can contact City Developments Ltd or their representatives for arranging the buying process a simple one.

The luxurious and modernized 3 Cuscaden property

wheelock place opposite 3 cuscaden

The official launch of 3 Cuscaden in Singapore was finalized at the Four Seasons hotel over the weekend. This redevelopment is in a hugely popular residential area, with many glitzy private apartments furnished with contemporary amenities. The property is located right smack in the middle of Orchard Road, adjacent to Cuscaden Walk and Orchard Boulevard.

This freehold prime property is not only ideal to individuals who wanted to purchase a home in the city but also to ambitious real estate investors. This new project by SL Capital have a spectacular and sophisticated home that are perfect for both small and larger families. The property provides elegance and luxury to the residents which are qualities everyone is searching for in a potential home.

What are the features within the 3 Cuscaden?

If you are home hunting for a spectacular place to live and enjoy life with your family, look no further. This freehold property is endowed with amazingly modern amenities that make them irresistible. The breath-taking view of the scenery captured from the sky terrace and roof-top infinity pool is totally unbarred which makes it possible to enjoy from all angles.

There are countless hospitality vents and facilities within proximity such as luxurious hotels, boutiques stocking designer outfits, magnificent shopping malls and exclusive restaurants. There are screens perched on the opposite ION Orchard to display multimedia animations that will be very entertaining to your guests too.

3 Cuscaden is strategically positioned in Orchard Road (District 10), across the Wheelock Place and at a diagonal angle. This strategic position is beneficial when it makes it easy and convenient for non-driving residents to access the malls and MRT Station. The world-class road and rail infrastructure are well connected and travelling via public transportation means hassle free. Who would not want such a stress free life?

The freehold properties here will be available for rental purposes and also for sale going forward. The property serves both as a temporary and permanent residence depending on the preference of the client. This makes the residential area available to the locals who wanted to own or rent it out to the visiting foreigners who prefer to stay in an upscale neighbourhood during their visit to Singapore. The precinct has diverse properties to cater for differences, it is almost impossible not to find a property that will win your heart over in this area.

Lastly, the property is superbly priced from $1.5 million, unbelievably affordable now!

Will Kent Ridge Hill Residences be a wise choice for you

kent ridge hill residences

Have you been pondering over the purchase of a new home? Well, it is a major decision for anyone and for those who are taking up a mortgage loan, making the right choice is of critical importance when there is no room for any error.

With the newest residential launch coming up this month, the proposed redeveloped project along South Buona Vista Road, there is simply no doubt about it as it will be the brainchild of our homegrown award-winning developer Oxley Holdings Limited. Therefore, the project will come with a promise of both quality and sustainability while remaining competitively priced as seen from their previous launched projects elsewhere.

From knowing the usual concern and buying behaviour of potential home seekers in our local property market, Oxley have ensured that most of the issues raised by the hopefuls are addressed accordingly, such as having the convenience of daily travelling to and from work easily, within a comfortable range of amenities and facilities nearby including schools and medical facilities in times of any unforeseen emergency.

With the expertise of their appointed architect, they will be having 50 strata landed homes on top of the 498 units of condo apartments planned. An offering of one, two- and three-bedroom unit type including penthouses with four and five bedrooms respectively.

Irrespective of their unit size, the new homes will have the best interior quality, including the fixtures and fittings. Every individual unit have been meticulously designed with plenty of reasonable space, including the 1 and 2-bedroom configurations.

Oxley has a nice track record of building some of the most spacious apartments by making full use of the minimum available space. The building material for entire construction used will also be of eco-friendly standard to adhere to the strict compliance of our authorities.

With the engagement of a professional landscaping designer team for this redeveloped project, Kent Ridge Hill Residences will have an abundance of gardening space generating fresh supply of quality air daily. By being sited next to the hillside of Kent Ridge Park, it is already a huge pull for residents yearning such a lifestyle going forward.

It was named after the neighbouring park, a huge residential estate with a picturesque hillside as backing, new home owners on the higher floor will also be able to secure a view towards the sea at Pasir Panjang area too. The entire project layout for the development will be friendly to the kids as well as the elderly residents to avoid any inconveniences.

If you’re a working professional from the nearby National University Hospital (NUH) or National University of Singapore (NUS), we highly recommend you find out more from this beautiful development by Oxley Holdings.

The Completed 8 Saint Thomas Condo Will Boosts Competition Standards In Singapore

8 saint thomas

Timeless architecture with Singapore landmark living

In the heart of Singapore’s center, 8 Saint Thomas at 8 Saint Thomas Walk will deliver a highly contemporary feel with an update to a traditional setting in terms of location in Singapore. The newly developed private homes in the district 9 community will offer modern day luxury amenities with the benefits of a highly desirable and convenient location. You won’t find a Singapore real-estate community that better meets the elegance of the 9th district that boast many features added for the excitement of ultra-cosmopolitan urban living.

Residents will get to enjoy the benefits of luxury living in these newly developed condo units with convenient amenities in the building as well as around the city center. Within just minutes from the buzz of downtown, 8 Saint Thomas is in the classical tradition of historic Singapore 9th district, it’s new luxury apartments will truly offer the best of both worlds in the real estate segment. The Price of these condos are priced for luxury living with advantages and of more in a luxury living atmosphere.

Fantastic location

Everyone will love this modern Singapore condo building! A brand-new building that’s replete with fully design and desirable amenities that’s combined with a great location in Singapore for exploring the center of the district 9. This new developed condo building near Orchard Road will provide a fantastic private housing unit for your living expectations in the Singapore city-state. The dwellings being developed in this building is in a prime location and there is great accessibility to everything in this district 9 locale. When looking at a condo building you think location, location, location and 8 Saint Thomas condo will offer you great location and much more.

Why live at 8 Saint Thomas?

The building will be designed as traditional modern sleek and stylish architectural building on the exterior of the building. However, within the new completed building, you’ll find a whole host of great amenities just waiting for you to explore. This building will boast many smart features that are great and essential for condo living. Also, there’s a lot of greenery and you will be able to relax in the little green space, with soft grass complementing the urban landscape. When you’re ready to settle in, you’ll be able to head back to your condo and enjoy the oasis atmosphere of your unit. These apartments will boast tons of charming that any decor will go well with. The higher up you live, the views of the Singapore skyline will make your stay more exciting.

If you’re looking for all the excitement in luxury living from a prime real-estate location, then check out 8 Saint Thomas at 8 Saint Thomas Walk. This build will be conveniently located near stylish malls, parks and many other great places. These condos are being built to suit your lifestyle needs and will give you what you desire in luxury condo living.

What will buyers gain from the Mayfair Gardens condo

If you’ve been to the previous collection, we remain the same albeit a name changed or rather retaining the same old beautiful development name. Hence, buying an apartment that has beautiful surroundings, mesmerizing design and plenty of amenities is a fortunate thing in our life. The proposed new Mayfair Gardens can be defined as one of the best residential sites on the long stretch of Rifle Range Road that enjoys all these benefits.

The new Mayfair Gardens will be specially designed by Citrine Property’s appointed architect after they purchased the former Mayfair housing estate in this upper bukit timah precinct. The proposed redeveloped residential project will have beautifully laid out multiple 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments. The local developer had already made plans for the new condo to provide new owners with the comfort and luxury at a very reasonable price range.

mayfair gardens at rifle range road

By being situated in the vicinity of prime greenery residential area, the subject site not only enjoy the benefits of green foliage around it but also with the numerous green corridor area in the locality that new residents will enjoy. The new apartment blocks will have senior-citizen friendly fittings and elevators that can be operated very easily via smart devices.

With the proximity to supermarkets like Cold Storage and NTUC Finest, the new residents will be freed of all hassles for their daily requirements. The new estate will also be in very close range to Sime Darby Centre with the SkyPark Arena above for some additional activities with your kids. If you’re not in the mood to unleash your cooking skill at times, the Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre is only a short walking distance away.

As a prime residential neighbourhood in upper bukit timah district 21, the locality of the Mayfair Gardens will require good connectivity with other subzones in Singapore. The King Albert Park MRT station is certainly within a 5 minutes’ walk away from your residence. The immediate main road lining along your home connects with the Pan-Island Expressway via Bukit Timah Road and Eng Neo Ave so that the residents can reach other destination easily. With such a comprehensive transport network, it greatly reduces the traveling time required on a day to day basis.

If you see yourself not willing to travel far, there are a few shopping malls in the vicinity including The Grandstand where you’ll be able to browse through hundreds of second-hand cars at the Turf City Auto Emporium during the weekends.

Stay tune and reach out for the launch in Sept 2018 if you are keen to explore further!

The Tre Ver – A condo by the river you won’t forget

Located in Potong Pasir Avenue 1, in the vibrant Singapore City, is an exciting place that allows you to explore. There are many new developments in the central region and the construction by the kallang river has resulted in the emergence of The Tre Ver Condo.

While it complements the serene nature and thriving landscape of the surrounding environment, this condo development also features a million-dollar view for its urbanism and stunning architectural form. These are certainly attractive factors that will entice even the most sophisticated homebuyers.

It was a result of swift and prompt action undertaken by UVD Projects Pte Ltd. A joint effort led by UOL Group Limited and United Industrial Corporation. More than 700 units of households have been planned and most of the home owners will be blessed with having an unblocked greenery view or the wide river that is adjacent to it.

The Tre Ver

About The Tre Ver

It is sitting on a plot of land that was occupied by the Raintree Gardens since the 1980s, a former Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) maisonette flats turned privatised in the 1990s. It was sold and awarded to the winning bid put forth by both UOL Group and UIC Limited for redevelopment in 2016, it will soon be ready and available for sale when the launch date is set and revealed to the public in the coming months.

How is The Tre Ver Unique?

It is unique owing to its seamless connectivity and geographical location, the most stunning of all is the fully unblocked view with lush verdant and the fine living environment with the riverfront frontage. Although this may not be a cup of tea to offer for everyone, The Tre Ver has done well and made this impossible seem possible.

What is included?

For the residents in common, there will be an overdose of amenities within the entire boundary. Nine blocks of dazzling structure that will be 8, 19 and 20 storeys high. Major communal facilities include a majestic swimming pool, indoor gym with state of the art, tennis court, grilling pits, kids’ playground, lush gardens, sky gardens, function rooms, sauna and water jet spa etc.

Location & Conveniences

The Tre Ver Condo is positioned strategically near the downtown centre, an ideal choice for working adults and investors as they will not be deprived of the best infrastructures and nearby amenities. With the Potong Pasir MRT Station in proximity, major commercial malls such as Poiz Centre, Nex Shopping Mall, City Square and others, everything you need will be within easy reach.

Perfect for families

The Tre Ver will present a distinguished place to live that each homeowner will enjoy every moment of their life here. Whether it is for breathing the fresh air or taking a relaxing walk at the green spaces available. There will be a perfect place here for you to call your home!

The New Residential Project in Queenstown – Stirling 3 Residences

Have you heard about the land parcel in Stirling Road that was sold by more than a billion-dollar in 2017? Well, that’s the place where Stirling 3 Residences, one of the latest residential project that falls under the purview of Queenstown Planning Area will be built. With more than a thousand households within the development, this new condo will offer all buyer an opportunity to live in one of Singapore’s most mature and established neighborhood.

stirling 3 residences

About Stirling 3 Residences

The land parcel mentioned above was being sold by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, as part of the Government Land Sales (GLS) program, under the Queenstown Planning area. The winner of the fiercely fought tender were from a joint venture between Logan Property and Nanshan Group, with a bid price of $1.003 billion, the biggest amount achieved by the GLS for a residential-only project. With more than 230,000 square feet of land, this project was planned to host more than a thousand households in the entire site.

Stirling 3 Residences: The Project

This residential project will have a couple of communal areas, including swimming pools, a tennis court, grilling pits and some landscaping areas, providing all residents to have a few more places to enjoy themselves. The layout of the apartments will vary from one to five-bedroom type, making it the ideal choice for sole home owners to big families. From the higher floors, this condo will offer the residents a great view towards the Sentosa Sea, the City Centre, and a few majestic hilltop parks.

A myriad of nearby amenities

Queenstown is about centralized amenities. By residing in Stirling 3 residences, it offers you a great locale to buy all the things you need to live comfortably, from fine cuisine ingredients to clothing, this neighborhood has a shop for everything. The nearby shopping malls and grocery stores such as Cold Storage and NTUC will provide you the opportunity in buying and restocking products of daily usage without being far away from home.

Transport network from Stirling 3 Residences

The location of this condo, along Stirling Road and Angora close, is one of its best features. The Queenstown MRT Station is within walking distance, offering home owners an easy transportation to other parts of the City. Central Business District is only 4 stations from Queenstown and some Commercial areas are just one and two train stop away too. Additionally, Commonwealth Avenue and the Alexandra Road are near Stirling Road, offering flexible transport routes to vehicle owners.

The ideal place for all kind of residents

Thanks to the different layout configuration that Stirling 3 Residences has to offer, it will attract a very diverse kind of profile, from big families with kids and to sole home owners alike. If you have school-going children, they will have a variety of options in the school department within the community, with at least 6 schools within 2 kilometers. There are a lot of parks and recreation areas for them too. A businessman is only 10 minutes away from the CBD and the elderly will enjoy a tranquil and relaxing place to live. Couples can enjoy the romantic walks along the parks or the variety of bars and cafés around.

Amber 45 by UOL Group

Amber 45 at Amber Road is the newest residential development launch by UOL Group. It was accommodating a floral nursery and landscaping design business for more than 3 decades in operation. The actual locale of this near seventy thousand square foot site is actually tucked in between 2 iconic condominiums along amber road. They are the seaview and shore residences. Although Amber 45 is not named after some sea or view but it will also have a view of the sea and we will talk about this as we move on.

This freehold condo, Amber 45 will be able to accommodate around 190 to 200 units within a twenty-two-storey tower. The actual project details will only be finalised after the scrutiny and approval by the relevant authorities. Due to the popular location it is sitting on, along the amber / katong area, we are expecting a stronger than expected demand for this rare freehold development. Especially coming in from savvy investors and family looking for a nice environment to raise their kids with.

Amber 45 Location Map

Amber 45 location

As you can see from the location map above, Amber 45 is near to a myriad of amenities such as East Coast Park, neighbourhood malls and the up and coming underground train stations (Completion in phases till 2023).

East Coast Park

east coast park

Perhaps you are not aware that the location of Amber 45 is very near to our most beloved East Coast Park. To the extent of being a national treasure venue, due to the concrete jungle within the entire island we’re in. East Coast offers residents and visitors a heart thumping moment with their exciting water sports activities along the east coast beach. It is certainly a park for everyone regardless of your age and identity. Free yourself away from all the blues today!

Guide to Shopping Malls

Besides the dining option you’ll be able to find along the beach, there are also a few shopping malls within your upscale neighbourhood. They are Parkway Parade, one of the first and largest suburban mall in Singapore during the early 1980s. They have withstood the test of time and is still standing tall and proud to be a part of this prime district. With over two hundred and fifty retail stores within the building and spreading across all six levels, you will certainly be able to find what you require in no time. Other than this, you may also walk to the latest I12 Katong Shopping mall by foot for all your daily needs as well.

Transport Node

Not to worry if you are heeding the government’s advice by going car-lite, being a resident of this Amber 45 condo will be very fortunate to have 2 MRT stations within short walking distance. They are Marine Parade and Tanjong Katong stations flanked by both your left and right-wing direction. How is this an ideal location for you? If you’re not able to resist the attractive locale, you have to be quick and review your current finances with your bankers or property agents in order to facilitate the buying process coming to you soon on Apr 2018!

Customer Reviews

Thank you for all the hard work you done on finding me the right house. And everything you have done from the house to the bank! I would recommend anyone looking for a home to see you.

Thanks to your dedication, persistence & marketing knowledge, my home was sold to my satisfaction

Thank you for finding me the right house and for keeping me informed. I would recommend you to anyone!

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