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How much does a Real Estate Video Cost?

Real Estate Photography and Videography has become the order of real estate markets. It is one of the important strategies used by a lot of real estate professionals today to attract potential buyers who love to buy a house. Photography has become imperative even if people are going to rent out the house. So if it has become mandatory then imagine the cost that it would the real agents have to incur in photography. So below is the analysis we made as far as real estate video cost is concerned.

Real Estate Video

What makes real estate videography expensive?

A lot of factors go into real estate videography. If you are looking for professional videography, then you are obviously expecting hi-end things like drones, DSLRs and much more. Today even ordinary videos are becoming expensive and this because of the demand that is prevailing the real estate market. People love to see the virtual representation of the house before they experience personally. If the videos and pictures aren’t impressive, they are taking them off the list. This has pushed the real estate markets into a position where they have to make videography a part of their promotions.

Since real estate promoters and property developers are ready to invest in videography, videographers charge high cost. It is believed that one video package can cost from $500 to $1000. It is worth giving a professional videography gear can cost up to $10000.

Why real estate photography is important: Reasons

  • Real Estate is one area where marketing is of paramount importance and videography is one of the important factors that will attract a lot of prospective buyers.
  • The websites that talk about real estate will face high traffic and more visitors if there are videos included on the page of the developer or the seller.
  • More than 86% of the buyers look only on photos and videos that are posted on a site and more than 60% of the buyers
  • It is impossible to attract customers without videos that showcase the reality of the house.
  • Most of the customers are benefitted through the interactive video sessions that are a part of these websites.
  • With the help of videos, developers can help people understand what their developments exactly look like without having to invite them personally. This is one of the greatest advantages of real estate videos.
  • Today the expectations of people have gone to yet another level. People aren’t interested in websites that do not hold the photos and videos of the real estate.
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