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The New Residential Project in Queenstown – Stirling 3 Residences

Have you heard about the land parcel in Stirling Road that was sold by more than a billion-dollar in 2017? Well, that’s the place where Stirling 3 Residences, one of the latest residential project that falls under the purview of Queenstown Planning Area will be built. With more than a thousand households within the development, this new condo will offer all buyer an opportunity to live in one of Singapore’s most mature and established neighborhood.

stirling 3 residences

About Stirling 3 Residences

The land parcel mentioned above was being sold by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, as part of the Government Land Sales (GLS) program, under the Queenstown Planning area. The winner of the fiercely fought tender were from a joint venture between Logan Property and Nanshan Group, with a bid price of $1.003 billion, the biggest amount achieved by the GLS for a residential-only project. With more than 230,000 square feet of land, this project was planned to host more than a thousand households in the entire site.

Stirling 3 Residences: The Project

This residential project will have a couple of communal areas, including swimming pools, a tennis court, grilling pits and some landscaping areas, providing all residents to have a few more places to enjoy themselves. The layout of the apartments will vary from one to five-bedroom type, making it the ideal choice for sole home owners to big families. From the higher floors, this condo will offer the residents a great view towards the Sentosa Sea, the City Centre, and a few majestic hilltop parks.

A myriad of nearby amenities

Queenstown is about centralized amenities. By residing in Stirling 3 residences, it offers you a great locale to buy all the things you need to live comfortably, from fine cuisine ingredients to clothing, this neighborhood has a shop for everything. The nearby shopping malls and grocery stores such as Cold Storage and NTUC will provide you the opportunity in buying and restocking products of daily usage without being far away from home.

Transport network from Stirling 3 Residences

The location of this condo, along Stirling Road and Angora close, is one of its best features. The Queenstown MRT Station is within walking distance, offering home owners an easy transportation to other parts of the City. Central Business District is only 4 stations from Queenstown and some Commercial areas are just one and two train stop away too. Additionally, Commonwealth Avenue and the Alexandra Road are near Stirling Road, offering flexible transport routes to vehicle owners.

The ideal place for all kind of residents

Thanks to the different layout configuration that Stirling 3 Residences has to offer, it will attract a very diverse kind of profile, from big families with kids and to sole home owners alike. If you have school-going children, they will have a variety of options in the school department within the community, with at least 6 schools within 2 kilometers. There are a lot of parks and recreation areas for them too. A businessman is only 10 minutes away from the CBD and the elderly will enjoy a tranquil and relaxing place to live. Couples can enjoy the romantic walks along the parks or the variety of bars and cafés around.

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