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The M At Middle Road

As beautiful as a Picasso painting – the M at middle rd

The M is as beautiful as a Picasso painting, a marvelous residential and commercial development located in district 7. The imposing structure lies in between Liang Seah and Middle Road, constructed by local developer Wingcharm Investment – Wing Tai Holdings Ltd. It is an absolutely amazing addition to the bugis area of Singapore.

It lies in the middle of Bugis district, where you’re offered a staggering panoramic view and the exciting atmosphere from bustling commercial activities. It is within a monumental spot in district 7 where Bugis Junction is almost at the footstep of your residence. The M covers approximately 7,462 square meter area and comprises a part 20 and part 6-storey residential block.

This article will provide you with more details around this ravishing residential spot.

A remarkable structure of the M

When you looked at the structure of the M, it would look like heaven is on earth. The M condo is a masterpiece of a modern architectural marvel having intrinsic value. An internationally commended award-winning firm has been tasked to design this project. It consists of different astounding layout that craft every home to perfection. The building has such unique characteristics with high potential as a luxury development.

It offers you a sensational lifestyle. If you want a princely routine, the M provides you. It has positioned itself in the dominating place of the city and contains some high-rise commercial buildings around the stunning tower. This monumental building will become an iconic landmark in the Bugis district soon.

Location – a valued factor for the M

There are numerous factors that grants the M to be one of the masterpieces, and location is one of the major factors among all. It sits in the central region of Singapore and between the two most remarkable roads are Middle Road and Liang Seah Street.

It is under the Downtown Core planning area, opposite to InterContinental Singapore and with both National Library Building and Bugis Junction in the adjacency.

There are numerous low-rise shophouses bordered with the renowned Liang Seah Street. Together with other strong commercial establishments including the Chan Brothers Building and Bugis Cube.

As it is situated amid the city and has relatively unblocked views around it, you will be able to soak into the spectacular view of low-profiled commercial development in the surrounding vicinity. On top of having train station almost at your footstep as Bugis MRT is approximately 3 minutes’ walk distance from this residence.

Do you want to view this remarkable spot? You can register yourself by showing your interest. A dedicated team of the M will make arrangements and assist you in the entire process. Words can’t depict the arresting location of the M. Not until you’ve seen it as we have described.

What converts the M

What makes a development an ideal residence? There are several deciding factors that will convert into a buying moment such as the architecture, location, and the environment. The display of The M’s iconic structure and location itself is without any doubt to onlookers anymore.

Here are some other important factors for being a phenomenal neighborhood:

  • Traveling in the M: If you don’t like driving by yourself, you will definitely like the M condo. It is because of Bugis MRT, a mere 3 minutes’ walk distance. Moreover, there will be other extensive public transport options to choose from right here at your doorstep.


  • The best view: The M Condo presents an amazing opportunity for the urbanites by providing exciting and fresh living space at an affordable price. As a city dweller, you will oversee the bustling commercial activities all around the bugis vicinity. With low-rise building that offers an unblocked view to you, you will also get to feel the hustle and bustle around your residency due to nearby multiple tourist attractions.


  • Convenient Lifestyle: You can find almost everything around your neighborhood. In the vicinity, you’re already within the Bugis shopping district. Both Orchard Road and Downtown Core will also provide you with an endless convenient option. It facilitates you with many different entertainment options in addition to your social lifestyle. It could be the best venue for you and your family.


Why the M?

If you compare the M with other commercial or residential buildings, you will clearly be able to differentiate the dominancy of the M over others.

First and foremost, it contains world-class architecture that was deemed to be a landmark development. It has intrinsic architectural values designed by an internationally awarded winning firm.

  • It has the finest strategic location because it lies in the heart of the prime Bugis city district 7.
  • You will have some million-dollar view just by sitting within your residence.
  • Many residential developments in the city are not in proximity to major transport hub. However, the M condo is only a mere 3 minutes’ walk distance to Bugis mrt station.
  • It is surrounded by many different tourist attractions; you can wake up to the city while walking into the rich heritage.
  • International cuisines and local delicacies are within such an easy reach for residents.
  • This stunning condo units will be priced at an attractive and reasonable rate for buyers.

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