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Checklist for selecting luxurious riviere condo for yourself

When it comes to acquiring a residential property for yourself, you simply cannot proceed and purchase it without any proper research. It is especially true when there are so many recent cases of buyer remorse with no proper planning, you could get yourself into some serious trouble and probably end up with a property that is not suited for your entire family.

The journey of purchasing a private condo will probably be one’s lifetime investment for most families and thus everyone hopes to go for the “perfect one” at the end of the day. It is perfectly understandable when recent news of the Riviere broke into the social media scene, especially so when it is a luxurious condo by the edge of Singapore River. Let me tell you this, you won’t go wrong since the rare land acquisition was completed by Frasers Property Singapore, an internationally-renowned property developer who is taking over the former monument of World Top Ranking Zouk Club at Jiak Kim Street.

Frasers Property Singapore will be undertaking the development of this new launch Riviere condo that comprises not only residential dwellings but also luxurious serviced apartments with commercial components as well.

Checklist for the luxurious apartment

If you’re about to purchase an apartment in Riviere or any other condo developments, it will be a good practice for you to check them out and fill in the details about what you need etc.

  • Do you know how many bedrooms you require? In this condo, there are options for 1, 2, 3 and four-bedroom apartments. Which type meets your requirement?
  • Are the bedrooms and other available rooms in the condo unit luxurious and spacious? Will they provide comfort to you and your family when you live there?
  • What is the quality of the building materials? For this luxurious residential project, will Frasers Property appoint a reliable main contractor so that they will be using high quality materials during the construction?
  • Are there recreational facilities available in the development? Will residents get a swimming/lap pool, indoor/outdoor gymnasium out there? Are there any special amenities that the developer will be providing you and your family?
  • Are the apartments/development spacious, not only from the inside but also the exterior? Is the space between the blocks narrow for air circulation?
  • What are the sizes of the windows? Tinted/Double-glazed? Will they be allowing enough sunlight and quality air to enter your home every day?
  • What are the types of fittings that are applied on the blocks and the condo units? Frasers Property are well known for integrating energy savings devices everywhere. Are they following the same here?

Make your decision after proper judgement

When you visit the official website of Riviere condo, you will get your answers to many of your doubts. You will be able to learn more about the project details or contact them for more clarifications. Before you make your final booking after viewing the show flat, make sure that you are satisfied with every detail and it is something that you are looking for.

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