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Wheelock Place Opposite 3 Cuscaden

The luxurious and modernized 3 Cuscaden property

The official launch of 3 Cuscaden in Singapore was finalized at the Four Seasons hotel over the weekend. This redevelopment is in a hugely popular residential area, with many glitzy private apartments furnished with contemporary amenities. The property is located right smack in the middle of Orchard Road, adjacent to Cuscaden Walk and Orchard Boulevard.

This freehold prime property is not only ideal to individuals who wanted to purchase a home in the city but also to ambitious real estate investors. This new project by SL Capital have a spectacular and sophisticated home that are perfect for both small and larger families. The property provides elegance and luxury to the residents which are qualities everyone is searching for in a potential home.

What are the features within the 3 Cuscaden?

If you are home hunting for a spectacular place to live and enjoy life with your family, look no further. This freehold property is endowed with amazingly modern amenities that make them irresistible. The breath-taking view of the scenery captured from the sky terrace and roof-top infinity pool is totally unbarred which makes it possible to enjoy from all angles.

There are countless hospitality vents and facilities within proximity such as luxurious hotels, boutiques stocking designer outfits, magnificent shopping malls and exclusive restaurants. There are screens perched on the opposite ION Orchard to display multimedia animations that will be very entertaining to your guests too.

3 Cuscaden is strategically positioned in Orchard Road (District 10), across the Wheelock Place and at a diagonal angle. This strategic position is beneficial when it makes it easy and convenient for non-driving residents to access the malls and MRT Station. The world-class road and rail infrastructure are well connected and travelling via public transportation means hassle free. Who would not want such a stress free life?

The freehold properties here will be available for rental purposes and also for sale going forward. The property serves both as a temporary and permanent residence depending on the preference of the client. This makes the residential area available to the locals who wanted to own or rent it out to the visiting foreigners who prefer to stay in an upscale neighbourhood during their visit to Singapore. The precinct has diverse properties to cater for differences, it is almost impossible not to find a property that will win your heart over in this area.

Lastly, the property is superbly priced from $1.5 million, unbelievably affordable now!

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